Appeasement: It Isn’t Working


**Note:  This was originally written for The High School Conservative.

“When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”  - President Ronald Reagan.

President Obama has become known for his appeasement, nice-guy attitude when it comes to foreign policy. This has resulted in Iran defying our instructions to stop their nuclear weapons program and overall respect for America around the world has been diminishing rapidly.  This week his entire strategy was outlined and highlighted as three of our Embassies were attacked, two of them on the eleventh anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  These attacks were planned and carried out without a word from the President, who was tied up with fundraisers and writing checks to the countries responsible.

Protestors scaled the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Egypt on Tuesday, tearing down the American flags and attempting to replace them with black flags bearing the words, “There is no god but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger.”  Some of the protestors showed pieces of the torn American flags to cameras while others showed the rest of the flag burning.  This violence is said to have been caused by outrage over an anti-Islamic film produced by a U.S.-based filmmaker.  The films depicts Mohammad in a negative light and therefore has, apparently, offended the Muslim world to such a degree that they are willing to attack our Embassies in return.

Protestors also attacked the U.S. Consolate in Libya.  In the process they murdered four Americans, including two ex-Navy SEALs and the U.S. Ambassador to Libya.  They also desecrated our flag and upped the Egyptian protestors by dragging our Ambassador’s body through the streets of Benghazi.  Earlier today the U.S. Embassy in Yemen was also attacked, with the same excuse of this film depicting Mohammad in a negative light.  In light of these attacks, the Muslim Brotherhood (whom the U.S. has supported in the past and helped them reach positions of high power in the Middle East) is calling for more attacks against the United States by attacking our Embassies around the world.

Where is our President in all of this?  Taping television appearances with David Letterman and fundraising in Las Vegas for his re-election efforts.  He has yet to take retaliatory action– I’m presuming he’ll do that after “The Late Show.”  This President has a motto of ‘lead from behind’ that is putting America behind the rest of the world.  His main focus at a time like this should be taking necessary action to ensure more attacks don’t take place and Americans in these countries are safe. Instead, he’s focusing on the important issues, like winning re-election.  There are reports that President Obama has been skipping more than half of his daily briefings, attending only 43% of them through mid-June 2012.  If he had been receiving these briefings, he would have been aware of credible threats to ‘American Missions’ in the Middle East up to forty-eight hours in advance of their occurrence.  It isn’t certain, but it’s possible that these attacks could have been prevented.

The real issue here isn’t an anti-Islamic film.  The issue is a violent religion and groups that hold anti-American sentiments being put in high positions of power with help from the United States– you don’t go around attacking Embassies because of a film that disrespects your religion unless your religion is a violent one.  The issue is an appeasing foreign policy that hopes to solve major problems through “talking” rather than necessary force.  It really seems that our President is afraid of using force. Iran has been provoking us with their nuclear weapons program and we have yet to take any action except saying a useless, “pretty-please?”  We need a leader now more than ever! Instead, we’re getting empty responses from the White House.  Why hasn’t the President vowed to cut off foreign aid to these countries?  Why hasn’t he used force to show them he’s serious about preventing more attacks and to punish them for the ones they’ve carried out thus far?  Why hasn’t he done anything?

We put these people in power, and they’re paying us back by desecrating our flag and murdering our people.  It’s not acceptable, and we need to take action.  These people obviously don’t want us in their country, we shouldn’t be begging them by trying to ‘talk things out.’  More violence against the United States is being called for as you read this. Also as you read this, our President is calmly pondering the best time to have a chat with the leaders of these countries rather than use the force that is required to send the right message.  We don’t need an Appeaser-In-Chief– we need a Commandar-In-Chief! A real President who will defend America against those who seek to destroy her, and we need one right now.

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