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Why I Support Medicinal Marijuana but Oppose Amendment 2

Share Florida has three state constitutional amendments on the ballot this year, but the most important by far is Amendment 2.  Amendment 2 deals with the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes in the state of Florida (Florida already allows medicinal marijuana for people with epilepsy, cancer, and ALS– this amendment expands the allowance). Regardless […]

It’s More Than “July 4th”

Share“In Congress, July 4th, 1776.  The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America.” Fifteen words that changed the course of history. I turned 18 a month ago and I’m still getting used to this whole “adulthood” scam (yes, it’s a scam.  You guys didn’t tell me I would be expected to act mature). […]



The Death of Self-Esteem

ShareThere is a brutal murder of self-esteem happening right under our noses.  It’s not just a painless, necessary death– this is a violent and heartless act that is taking with it thousands of young women, both literally and figuratively. Last week, E! Online conducted a viewer poll to help them create the “perfect celebrity woman.”  The image […]

An Overlooked Humanitarian Crisis and No Response from Leadership

ShareAlong the Texas/Mexico border today, you’ll find a sight that may shock you and make you fear for the future of our borders.  Brandon Darby of Breitbart Texas broke the story last week, and revealed new photos of the government facilities that are holding immigrants from several Central American countries in extremely inhumane and dangerous […]



Why Self Defense is a Good Option for Women

ShareAt Sunday night’s 2014 Miss USA pageant, Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez (who went on to win the title) was asked a question about sexual assaults on college campuses and her answer left feminists writhing in frustration. The question asked why so many sexual assaults on campus seem to be ignored and what colleges can do to […]