FreePAC Florida; Live Video Stream; Live Interviews


Starting at 4 o’clock I’ll be live-blogging and live-tweeting FreePAC Florida.  Follow my blog for frequent updates and follow me on Twitter (@BethanyBowra) for up-to-the-minute updates!

You can watch the live-stream of the event at

UPDATE:  Watch the live-streaming of FreePAC Florida below!

UPDATE:  Watch my interview with Reverend C. L. Bryant below!

Speakers so far have included Matt Kibbe, Connie Mack, Andrew Wilkow, Tim Scott, and Judge Andrew Napolitano.  Topics covered have varied from “decentralized freedom” to the need to repeal ObamaCare and even to the need to defund the UN and “kick ‘em out of New York.”  While the topics have varied greatly and the speakers are as diverse as the topics they’ve covered, one thing has remained consistent with each speaker:  Freedom really does work.  The freedom that began with the framers and continues with us today is one that must be preserved and protected if America is to continue.

We’ve heard from elected officials, candidates, judges, and activists as hundreds of passionate patriots are eagerly soaking up the knowledge shared by these speakers.  Events like FreePAC are an incredible tool for all activists– no matter your age, you have the opportunity to come be a part of something that is truly changing the way people see politics in America and even how Washington views itself.

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