It’s 2014


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Hi, blogosphere!  Didja miss me?

I’ve been MIA in the writing world for a few weeks.  After a wonderful Christmas break, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things with writing and starting my last semester of high school (I feel so old.  It’s a little crazy.).

As I started considering my options for the new year, I began thinking about both the past and the future.  In addition to graduating from high school in June, I’ll be graduating in May with my Associate in Arts degree.

A college degree.

With honors.

Before I’m even out of high school.

Maybe I’m a little late, but the fact that I’m going to be a legal adult with a college degree in four months is starting to scare me.  I’m still sitting here watching cartoons and drinking my juice box (figuratively, of course).

Even while I’m scared, though, I’m excited.  I’m excited to start writing again.  I’m confident in the fact that God has placed in me a passion for politics for a specific reason.  I started blogging one day when I was fourteen because I was bored and looking for something to do, and God took that leisurely hobby and turned it into a passion and career that, almost three years later, I know I’ll have for the rest of my life.

I couldn’t be more excited for the future.  I’ve been given so many amazing opportunities and so many more are on the way.  I love politics, but I purposely avoided it during Christmas break (because, let’s be honest, sometimes all it does is make me want to shove my fist through the nearest wall).  All of the infighting amongst Republicans over who is the “purest” and “most conservative” and “not a RINO” can be a little exhausting and occasionally causes me to question motives, ideas, and people’s character.  Needless to say, we all need a break from it sometimes (yes, even you, dude who continues to tweet politics whilst Sunday Night Football is on.  Please, just enjoy the game like the rest of us).

The last year and a half has been the hardest I’ve ever had.  I’ve watched my family and my world fall apart multiple times.  Through this rough patch, I’ve learned that Jesus Christ has to be the focus.  I love politics and nothing about my activism is changing, but that’s not my ultimate goal.  That’s not my destination.  Politics is a channel for me to share God’s love, whatever I may be doing in it at the time.  My political opinions are shaped by my faith.  It’s impossible to separate the two.  I’ve learned to focus my priorities more on heavenly things than on earthly things that will pass away– “For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace” (Romans 8:6).

If I could encourage you to do one thing as you kick off this new year, it would be to evaluate your perspective and your priorities.  As it relates to politics, are you more focused on destroying your fellow Republican who may only agree with you 80% of the time than you are focused on succeeding over the liberal whose entire ideology directly contradicts everything you stand for?  Find common ground and work with it.  If you’re a Christian, I’d like to encourage you to keep your eyes pointed vertically instead of horizontally.  I’ve found that personally, it’s crucial.

I’m involved in politics because I love this country and everything she stands for, and I’ve been blessed with the ability to share my opinions with thousands of people worldwide.  I love every second of it, and I want 2014 to be the best year yet.

I’m ready to get going again.  It’s a new day, a new month, and a new year…looking for great things to happen.  Your outlook determines your outcome.

That’s where I’m at.

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