It’s come to this


It is, sadly, looking like Mitt Romney is going to end up as the GOP nominee by default.  With many other candidates in the race, many of whom are more conservative than he is, we had plenty of options for a true conservative to be our nominee.  Instead, it is looking increasingly likely that Republicans are going to settle on our nominee.

Romney has been running for President of the United States for six years; he dropped out of the 2008 race and endorsed John McCain, but began “campaigning” around the country soon after the 2008 election.  He was unarguably the most well-known candidate entering the 2012 race and has consistently stayed near the top of the polls since mid-summer.  Personally, I have never been a Mitt Romney fan. 

I have looked through every single candidate’s record.  I can tell you exactly why I like or dislike each one; Mitt Romney is the one that I can honestly say, I never viewed him as a possible favorite candidate for myself.  The rest may have had a chance until I dug a little deeper.  I did not have to go very deep into Governor Romney’s record to find things that made me want almost anyone except him to be our nominee.  One of his biggest turn-offs for me is his constant flip-flopping on important issues.  He ran for Senate against Ted Kennedy in 1994 on a pro-choice platform, even going so far as to state, “I believe abortion should be safe and legal in this country,” and “I am an avid supporter of Roe v. Wade.”  That wasn’t the only time he has changed his position on abortion.  He’s also flipped on gay marriage, gun control, and more.  Between his RomneyCare/ObamaCare issue and his support for the TARP bail-outs, with Romney as our nominee, two of our biggest issues with President Obama are off the table.  If our nominee supported them, there is no way we can effectively say how detrimental they were to the country. 

So many people have jumped on the Romney wagon in the past few weeks, it really makes me wonder how solid some of them are.  If someone who seemed to have such strong conviction and values can endorse a man who has changed his position so many times, then go out and say how decisive he is, how solid can their own values be?

I truly believe that the reason the Romney wagon has seen so much growth is because he is becoming the inevitable nominee.  There are many people who love the idea of earning Romney’s VP spot, therefore are endorsing him now to give themselves a headstart.  His list of endorsements went up again today, and is set to go up once again in the very near future.  So far he has received the endorsements of:

• Senator Kelly Ayotte
• Governor Nikki Haley
• Senator John McCain
• Governor Bill Haslam
• Former Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell
• Former U.S. President George H. W. Bush
• Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton

That last name was officially added to the list earlier today.  Ambassador Bolton cites his reason for endorsing Romney is, that there was no one better who could get elected in the race, and Romney is “conservative enough.”  Reports are coming out that former Florida governor Jeb Bush will be endorsing Romney in the near future.

I have to ask:  What makes Mitt Romney so much more electable than anyone else in the field?  After hearing it so many times, I still have not figured it out for myself.  Someone please explain this to me!  I see nothing that sets him apart in this field, other than a good organizational strategy and impressive rhetorical skills.  The moderates that so many are counting on to win this election for Mitt Romney, are most likely going to vote for President Obama over him.  Given the choice, they will listen to the leftist media, who stops at nothing to defend President Obama.

My question is this:  Why are we compromising our values?  There are certainly some people who truly do believe Governor Romney is the best person to lead our country out of this crisis; but I’m inclined to believe that most of these people who have endorsed him have not thought that for long.  If they did, why only speak up now?  With the dismay that so many conservatives have had for Romney since early summer, why did these people not speak up then and voice their support for him to those doubters?  That is why I believe many of these people have only begun to support him for their own success in the long run.

The two endorsements on that list that surprise me the most are Nikki Haley and John Bolton.  Governor Haley became the governor of South Carolina because of the support she received from Tea Partiers across the state.  She was their choice and they worked to get her elected.  Even Sarah Palin made a trip to the Palmetto State to support Governor Haley.  Her Tea Party support is the reason she is in office.  By endorsing Governor Romney, she made a lot of those same Tea Partiers shake their heads; Governor Romney is not a Tea Party favorite, to say the least.  Many wondered if she was only pretending to be a Tea Party hero to win the election.  I do believe that Governor Haley has done wonderful things for South Carolina, but I question her choice of endorsing Governor Romney.

John Bolton has been considered one of the most solid conservatives we have seen in a long time.  He was considered as a potential 2012 Presidential candidate, and when he declined to run, he has been talked of as a potential VP pick.  As a solid conservative, many of the GOP candidates have talked with him about foreign policy.  His decision to endorse Romney, and his statement that he is “conservative enough” do not make me doubt Ambassador Bolton’s conservative credentials; but they do make me question why so many people seem so contented with the fact that Governor Romney is going to be our nominee.  I honestly do not know if he is capable of defeating President Obama.  I view Romney as a true politician; but that won’t help us at all, due to the fact that President Obama is even more of a politician than Romney is.  There is no doubt that their debates would be extremely intelligent discussions; but I see no ground for Governor Romney to stand on when attempting to defend his record as governor of Massachusetts. 

Why are we settling?  Why not rally around one of the true conservatives in the race and send a very clear message to the GOP establishment, telling them that their pick is not necessarily ours.  We are not going to settle for the person who has been standing in line the longest.  Instead of looking for someone who is “electable”, we should have been looking for someone with a record that would speak for itself.  It seems almost impossible to break Governor Romney’s winning streak and path to the nomination, but I do know this:  I think this 2012 election will have close to the fewest number of GOP voters in history.  People are simply not excited about Governor Romney.  I would not be surprised if we have one of the lowest turnouts in a very long time.  You know what that means.

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  1. I personally think Romney is a big government “Republican” and in the past, he has used more government to solve problems…not exactly “conservative”. He’s a good talker, he certainly *looks* presidential… but I honestly don’t think he’ll be able to beat Obama. (If he’s the nominee, I certainly hope I’m wrong on this!) The left will destroy him with his connections to banks (his top ten campaign donors are in investments/securities) and the fact that he did lay people off while he was at Bain Capital (even though that’s a part of capitalism… and he did create some jobs)… and many conservatives just don’t like him. He’s not being overly attacked by the left, either–which means their not scared of him.

    Good blog post! :)

    • I completely agree– he also touts his job creating record, but he really did not create that many jobs, even though the unemployment number in MA did go down under him (it’s in my post about his record). I don’t really think he can beat Obama either– and, dare I say it, I’m not sure how much of an improvement over Obama he would be, because he supported ObamaCare as well as TARP, two of the main things we have against the president. I’ll probably remain pretty neutral if Romney is the nominee– I’ll hope he wins, but I’m not going to campaign for him as much as I would some of the other candidates. I’m not in the crowd who thinks “anyone but Obama” is who we should support. I’m not a supporter of President Obama’s at all, but I think we needed someone who could have made a stark contrast with him; Romney is far from being able to do that.
      I’m rambling now– but what I mean is, I’ll be in the crowd of unenthusiastic conservatives if Romney is the nominee, and I’ll hope he wins for the sake of getting Obama out of office. I won’t be hoping he wins because I want him to be our president. If I find something about him that changes my opinion, I’ll be happy to be corrected!

  2. Jeraad Ninkovich // January 16, 2012 at 4:53 pm // Reply

    What we need to focus on is making sure we give Barack Obama four more years to try and redeem himself and his terrible, awful, horendous, black hole like presidency… He cannot do worse in his second term that the American people will give him!!!!! But it was a good blog post anyways.

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