My Experience at FreePAC Florida


“You’re never, ever going to win a popularity contest!”

I’ve noticed that many people my age are concerned with popularity; being accepted with the “cool kids” is of utmost importance for so many teenagers and, unfortunately, being a liberal is usually a requirement for “cool kid” status.  As a teenager involved in politics, it frustrates me to see liberal young people praised for “being informed” and at the same time see, hear, and experience the ridicule with which young conservatives are treated.  This is one of the reasons I love going to events like FreePAC– I have the opportunity to meet and connect with people who can help me fight the attacks from the Left, and at the same time inspire me to continue my efforts.

At FreePAC Florida I had the privilege of interviewing Reverend C. L. Bryant, creator of the film Runaway Slave.  He discussed how people who are unnecessarily dependent on the government must have the courage to “leave the ‘Democratic plantation,’” calling government dependency a “21st century form of slavery” and saying that the “Underground Railroad” that will enable people to free themselves from this slavery is the courage to “say no to the master’s food” and walk away from depending on the government to provide their income without any effort in return.  Reverend Bryant was only one of many activists I spoke to at FreePAC Florida who inspired me to do even more to help in the efforts to return this country to our founding principles.

Undoubtedly one of the most inspiring activists in politics, Glenn Beck gave a rousing speech that had the ability to reach far beyond that room and hit the core of every American, regardless of party affiliation.  “Choose courage over fear,” he told the hundreds of activists present, “when you’re working for something that’s true, you don’t need anyone saying you’re right.”  Organizations like Freedom Works and the activists who work tirelessly all around the country have the ability to shape history as it happens, he said.  He encouraged people to stay motivated to fight for this country and everything it was founded upon.

FreePAC Florida also featured activists and elected officials such as Freedom Works President and CEO Matt Kibbe, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Congressman and Senate candidate Connie Mack, Freedom Works Outreach Director Deneen Borelli, Congressmen Tim Scott and Jim Jordan, and more.  As a young conservative hoping to continue working in politics, events such as FreePAC give me the encouragement and excitement needed to make me want to stay engaged.  I’m convinced that being a “cool kid” doesn’t mean you have to be a brainwashed Occupier– rather, it’s very possible to attain “cool kid” status and stay true to your beliefs at the same time.  My generation is being told that the only choice they have is to go Left; listening to the people who spoke at FreePAC Florida, though, disproves that notion and reveals the option to go Right.

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