Open Letter to President Obama


**This was originally published on The High School Conservative.


Dear President Obama,

I’m involved in politics because of you.  2008 was the first election that I paid attention to, so I watched eagerly in the beginning of your presidency to see if you would fulfil the promises you had made on the campaign trail.  When you failed to do so and began instituting policies that I knew would be detrimental to this country, I took action and got involved.  You’re spending away my future, Mr. President; you gave me and many others no choice but to jump into this crazy world of politics and make our voices heard before our situation reached a point of no return.  While I am working for the election of your opponent, I’m curious as to how you would answer a few questions.  The next generation will eventually be in charge of this country, and as a member of that generation, I have a few concerns that won’t be settled with more empty rhetoric.  While my concerns are the same that thousands of others have, I hope that you will heed these concerns and give us answers soon.

$16,000,000,000,000 in national debt is totally and completely unacceptable.  As the old adage says, “Don’t spend money you don’t have.”  Millions of families are crafting budgets and living by that phrase; many are even being forced to alter their budgets after a family member loses their job and they have to pinch their pennies even more– as you continue to spend money at an extraordinary rate.  Mr. President, you are saddling my generation with more debt than we will ever be able to pay off.  We haven’t passed a budget in three years, and the one you proposed didn’t get a single vote in Congress.  What are you planning on doing in a second term that will significantly reduce federal spending and begin to pay off our debt?

Terrorist attacks were successfully carried out in the Middle East on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11 this year, but you failed to publicly identify them as terrorist attacks until days later.  Beside the fact that you were skipping intelligence briefings in the days prior to the attacks, you lied to the American people by speaking of the attacks as anything less than they were:  Deliberate terrorist attacks.  Iran is moving closer to a nuclear weapon while you sit at the negotiating table, desperately hoping that they will show up.  Instead, Mr. President, they are quickly developing nuclear capabilities as you sit with your hands calmly folded.  It takes force to deal with people like this; yet you seem to believe that after three years of failed “diplomatic” solutions, the tables will turn and Iran will decide they are ready to forgo their nuclear program after having a nice little chat.  It doesn’t work that way, Mr. President.  What will you do in a second term to regain America’s respect in the world?

Young people were a huge reason for your victory in 2008.  Since then you have paid them back by presiding over a 17% unemployment rate for young people and an encouragement that they receive food stamps and let the government care for them.  To illustrate this idea, you thought up Julia, the composite female figure that you believe all young girls should aspire to become.  Mr. President, with all due respect, I’m not Julia, nor will I ever be.  I’m not counting on a life of government dependence; I’m counting on a life of hard work, personal responsibility, and achieving my dreams.  Doing that will be much more difficult if your war on young people continues.  If re-elected, do you promise to weed out the abuse going on within the welfare system and encourage young people to take care of themselves, rather than let the government spoon-feed them throughout their life?

My future is at stake in this election.  We certainly have the choice between two starkly different visions for America; and based on the last four years, the next four would be more of the same if you are re-elected.  What accomplishments can you point to (outside of ordering the mission that killed Osama bin Laden) that prove you deserve a second term?  For most Americans, their situation is worse, not better, than it was four years ago.  Your policies have not benefitted middle-income families in the ways they were intended to.  Things are out of control, and instead of stepping in and doing all you can to improve the situation, you are appearing on talk shows and speaking at extravagant fundraisers.  It doesn’t add up, Mr. President.  You’re not acting like a President.

I hope you keep these concerns in mind as you campaign on baseless claims of class warfare perpetrated by your opponent and empty talking points that ask people to sit under the government’s thumb.  I and the rest of the American people want to know what you will really do and hope to accomplish in a second term.

Bethany Bowra


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