Pro-Jobs Governor: An Interview with Rick Scott


At the RedState Gathering I had the privilege of interviewing Florida governor Rick Scott.  Governor Scott has recently been at odds with the federal government regarding his efforts to purge voter rolls in Florida and ensure a fair election in November.  He has been a consistently conservative governor and has joined the likes of Rick Perry, Nikki Haley, and others in refusing to accept Medicaid expansion money under ObamaCare.  I had the opportunity to sit down briefly with Governor Scott and ask for his thoughts on Florida’s part in the general election.


B:  How do you think Florida will vote in November?

Gov. Scott:  I think what’s going to happen is, this election will be very similar to 2010.  It’s going to be about jobs.  In 2010, I won my race because I had a plan for jobs.  I think at the Presidential level, Governor Romney’s going to win, because he’s going to have a plan that’s going to get our country back to work.  The last four years have not been successful for job creation at the federal level, even though we’ve done well in Florida in the last eighteen months.  At the state level, I think the Republican candidate will win, because we know we have to elect somebody that’s going to reduce the size of government, that’s going to reduce taxes, that’s going to reduce regulations at the federal level. 

B:  Who do you think Romney will choose as his running mate?

Gov. Scott:  Oh gosh, there’s so many great candidates.  I think what he’s going to do is, he’ll choose somebody that is focused just like he is, 100%, on ‘how do we get our country back to work?’  It’s the biggest issue we have.  It’s exactly what I’ve done here; I’ve cut property taxes, I’ve cut business taxes, I’ve reduced regulation, I’ve streamlined the permitting process.  He’ll pick somebody who believes exactly the same way and will implement it at the federal level.

B:  What are some specific things you’ve done to encourage job growth in Florida?

Gov. Scott:  What we’ve done is we’ve said, I want businesses to succeed; they’re the ones who are going to hire people.  How do I make businesses more successful?  I reduce their taxes, we’ve reduced the business tax for two thirds of the companies that were paying it when I took office, we’ve reduced their regulation, we’ve reduced their property taxes; and we’ve talked to them and said, ‘What issues are you dealing with?’ and then we try to solve their issues.  That has worked– we’ve had big job growth, we’ve had the biggest drop in unemployment of any state but one in the last eighteen months.  The things that we’re doing, they do work. 

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