Quick Summary of DNC, Day 1


A huge theme of the first night of the Democrat National Convention was that women are “under attack” from Conservatives and have only one option in November:  Vote for President Obama or risk being thrown back to the nineteenth century.  We heard from numerous individuals that abortion is acceptable– we even heard it called “dignified.”  Yet these are the people who call Republicans “extremists” for wanting to protect human life.

I started listening to the DNC tonight while Julian Castro was speaking.  One of the first things I heard (that really bothered me) was him copying Senator Marco Rubio’s speech from last week.  One of the most striking sentences in Senator Rubio’s speech, while speaking about his father, was this:  “For years, he stood behind a bar at the back of the room so one day I could stand behind a podium at the front of the room.”  Mayor Castro came out tonight and said, “And my mother fought hard for civil rights so that instead of a mop, I could hold this microphone.”  Sounds a little too similar to be coincidence.  Michelle Obama also seemed to copy Ann Romney’s speech by discussing when she and President Obama were dating.  Could both be coincidence?  Of course.  It just doesn’t appear likely.

The most ironic part of the DNC for me is the lack of facts involved.  The claims these people make– women are better off because of the Lily Ledbetter Act, women are receiving better care under President Obama– are not backed up by real numbers.  The real facts are that even President Obama’s Labor Secretary has admitted the Ledbetter Act did nothing to close the pay gap, 860,000 fewer women are working under President Obama, and the Obama White House is paying women nearly 18% less than men.  In addition, the claims that Republicans will “take away a woman’s right” to make choices for her own body is appalling; excuse us for caring about the lives of unborn children!  Women can make every decision they please for their own body, but once there’s a baby involved, it’s no longer making a choice about their body.  It’s making a choice about whether to murder that child or not simply because it’s an inconvenience for you.

Overall, the little bit I heard tonight sounded like pure pandering.  Michelle Obama’s speech, while remarkably delivered, lacked feeling and facts.  Hearing her say “We can trust Barack to do the right thing, even when it’s hard,” and that he is working hard every day to restore America were slightly ridiculous considering our current circumstances.

Thus far I’m yet to be convinced that Republicans hate women; I don’t think protecting unborn children takes anything away from me.  I’ve actually just been further convinced that Democrats support the murder of women before they even get the chance to live and that they’ll also say anything to get re-elected.  Nothing I heard tonight sounded genuine– it all sounded completely politically motivated.

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