RNC 2012: Day 2


Last night’s speeches were only a glimpse of what is to come as the week progresses, and they did an exceptional job of conveying a true American message.

Throughout the day I had the honor of meeting Michele Bachmann, Jan Brewer, Charles Krauthammer, Bill Hemmer, Martha MacCallum, Chris Wallace, and more.  The speeches were all incredible; my favorites, though, were Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, and Ann Romney.

Rick Santorum’s most memorable phrase was this:  “I shook the hand of the American Dream, and it has a strong grip.”  He spoke about the different hands that are the American Dream– hands of farmers, members of the military, beautiful children like his daughter Bella, and more.  I always love listening to Senator Santorum speak; I have since he first jumped into the Presidential race.  He knows what he’s talking about and he talks about it with a passion that is hard to match.

Ted Cruz gave a perfect speech for last night.  He talked about the “American Love Story” and how we must keep it alive for future generations.  This American love story starts in the 18th century when our Founding Fathers created this nation, and stretches from the battlefields of war to the classroom at home.  The love Americans have for freedom is one that must be protected and passed on to future generations if we hope to keep this nation alive; this love story doesn’t have an end unless we give it one.

Ann Romney absolutely knocked it out of the park with her speech last night!  She seemed a little nervous at first but quickly became comfortable and spoke warmly and genuinely about her family.  That “boy she met at a high school dance” was portrayed by her as someone other than who the liberal media portrays him to be.  She did an incredible job of talking about love– love that we all have for our families and country and what it takes to keep our country running by that love.

Tomorrow night we’ll hear from Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan– looking forward to it!

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