RNC 2012: Day 3


Tonight Paul Ryan gave his Vice-Presidential nomination acceptance speech and blew everyone away with his incredible ability to convey America’s best qualities and needs in a way that everyone can understand.

I had the privilege of finally meeting my Senator, Marco Rubio, and speaking with him briefly (thanks again, Emily!).  He was incredibly friendly (and, by the way, he loves the new RedState website design).  Senator Rubio is rapidly rising in the Conservative movement and is sure to become a very prominent leader in the Republican Party in the very near future.  He’s a great voice to be representing Conservatives not only in Florida, but around the country.

This was my first time following an entire primary season, and the first candidate I chose to support was Texas Governor Rick Perry.  Since he first jumped into the presidential race I’ve been hoping to meet him, and today I did.  Governor Perry is the best job-creator in the country and is leading Texas down a prosperous economic path.  It was an honor for me to meet the first candidate I researched and supported for myself!

There were many prominent speakers tonight, including Condoleezza Rice, Mike Huckabee, Rob Portman, Susana Martinez, and more.  All of them did very well– and Condi Rice definitely knows how to work a crowd.  Her speech was delivered gracefully yet powerfully and she clearly broadcasted the message we need to send in November.

The big speech of the night, of course, was Paul Ryan’s much-anticipated vice-presidential nomination speech.  First thing I have to say is that television broadcasting didn’t even come close to doing his speech justice– after just watching a replay of his speech on C-SPAN, I can see that the energy in the room was hardly contagious through the TV screens.  There were three points in his speech that stuck out for me:

• Congressman Ryan did an exceptional job of discussing Medicare tonight.  He talked about the threat ObamaCare poses to our freedom, then discussed the fact that President Obama has taken $760 billion away from Medicare to help fund ObamaCare.  As Congressman Ryan put it, “The greatest threat to Medicare is ObamaCare.”

• “A country where everything is free but us,” is what we will live in under a second Obama term, according to Congressman Ryan.  The increase in government handouts under President Obama– welfare has increased by 45%– is one of the most detrimental attributes of this administration.

• My favorite part of Paul Ryan’s speech was when he said that twenty-somethings shouldn’t have to sit in their parents’s basements, “staring at faded Obama posters,” and wonder when they can get on with their life.  As a not-quite-twenty-something, reaching out to the youth is a huge issue for me.  Hearing Congressman Ryan address the fact that President Obama is disregarding his promises to the youth who elected him that he would “help” them was very exciting.

My generation is being pushed to the curb by the Obama administration and is becoming too dependent on handouts and less dependent on themselves.  We have to reverse that trend by encouraging young people to take risks and chase their dreams.  Hearing our next Vice-President address issues such as this gives me even more hope for the future.

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  1. Wow. I could almost just stop there but need to say more. As excited as your writing shows you are I am equally excited to see such a brilliant young lady with such a “Founding Fathers” type passion & love for our great country. I don’t know where you came from but I pray there are more like you! Great job Bethany, this gives us real HOPE!

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