Romney to Announce VP Tomorrow Morning; All Signs Point to Ryan; UPDATE: Video Added


Mitt Romney is scheduled to announce his vice-presidential candidate tomorrow morning at 9am in Norfolk, Virginia.  We’ve been waiting months for a VP announcement, and while speculation is still all over the board, all signs are pointing to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan. 

Earlier tonight a “mystery” charter plane from Boston, Massachusetts, landed in Paul Ryan’s hometown airport, immediately putting thousands on high alert to a possible Ryan pick.  Looks like those thoughts just may be right– it’s seemingly full-speed-ahead for a Ryan nomination in the morning.

Paul Ryan is similar to Romney in many areas:  Both are calm, common sense, intellectual people.  Rep. Ryan has also proven to be a leader in the fight for entitlement reform and in crafting a much-needed budget.  Now it looks like he will be asked to leave that position in exchange for a chance at becoming the vice-president of the United States.

I really like Paul Ryan.  I think he’s doing great work in the House.  He’s someone who understands the most critical current threats to our nation– the national debt, deficit, and lack of budget– making him a logical choice for VP.  The problem is that most people don’t vote for a VP candidate; VPs are used in most cases to energize the base, not earn votes.  Once in office, Ryan’s talents could be wasted.

UPDATED:  Below is the full video of Romney announcing Paul Ryan as his running mate.

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