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Extremely tight results & re-assessments are happening 4

ShareThe Iowa caucus was so close! Mitt Romney came in first place, with 24.6% of the vote.  Coming in second was Rick Santorum, with 24.5% of the vote!  It was so close, these two went back and forth, with one going up by aroud twenty votes before the other would go up by less than […]

This Roller-Coaster Ride of an Election Season

ShareThis year’s Presidential election is going to be a major one.  Republicans are still in the midst of choosing between the seven contenders which one will be our nominee.  Campaigning began very early this time around– many candidates began announcing their intentions to run in May of 2011, a year and a half before the […]



The Issue of Electability

ShareWith the Iowa caucus only five days away, now is the time for those 45% of undecided Iowans to begin taking a very close look at every candidate.  The conservative voters in America have gone through Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Gingrich, and now, it seems, Ron Paul, giving each of them their respective time at the […]

GOP Debate 12/15/11 12

ShareLast night was the last debate in Iowa before the caucus on January 3rd.  It was sponsored by FOX News and the Republican Party of Iowa, and it included all seven GOP candidates.  My review this time won’t be nearly as long as usual; I’m just going to give you my order, from winner to […]



My take on their records: Michele Bachmann 2

Share Ladies first!  I’ll be going through each Republican Presidential candidates’ voting records and giving my take on what kind of a president they would make.  I’ll be going from their most recent, to some of their earlier votes.  First up is Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Share

Huckabee GOP Presidential Forum

Share For those of you who missed the GOP Presidential Forum on Huckabee this evening, you missed a lot of talk about the Constitution.  As Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi put it at the end of the event, “The Constitution was talked about more tonight than in every other debate combined.”  This forum brought the candidates […]