The Dangers of an Apathetic Youth


 This article was originally written for The High School Conservative.


“We need you.  We need your youth, your strength, and your idealism to help us make right what is wrong.” 

President Reagan’s words still have meaning for every young person in America today.  Our goal should be to continue his idea:  For American youth to lend their strength and ideas to governing this country.  Our age does not mean we remain silent; to the contrary, our voices are some of the most crucial.   We need to work together to conquer the apathy that has overtaken American youth. At this rate, the next generation will be so uninformed about current affairs that America could potentially be in danger of losing its superpower status.  Prevention of that is impossible without an intervention right now; and in order to prevent it, we must understand how critical it really is.  If young people do not become more aware of the events going on around them, we as a nation will suffer the consequences.

It’s no secret that most American young people are uninterested and uninformed when it comes to politics.  Elections, delegates, primaries– such concepts are foreign to them.  In most elections youth display their apathy through their absence at the polls; in the 2008 Presidential election, however, most of the usual statistics concerning young people changed drastically.  According to the Census Bureau, citizens between the ages of 18-24 were “the only age group to show a statistically significant increase in turnout in the most recent election,” with 49% of eligible young people turning out to vote (compared with 47% in 2004).  What was different about this election that incited a mass of new voters?


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