The Gipper’s Speech at the Berlin Wall


Delivered 25 years ago today, President Reagan’s famous speech at the Berlin Wall echoed all the hopes and dreams of freedom that have been imagined throughout hundreds of years of history.  Enjoy either the short clip or the entire speech below.

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    Bethany–what do you think of Rand Paul?

    • Ditto!
      Honestly, I’m not sure. I’ve only ever heard good things about him, but I think Ron Paul is just loony…
      Why do you ask?

  2. Rand Paul is less libertarian, a little more Tea Party, per say, than his father. I heard him speak at CPAC and was impressed, and I just wrote a blog post about him for the Eagle Forum Collegians blog. Check out the link I posted there where he is testifying before the Energy and Natural Resources Committee about light bulbs! I think you’ll find it as incredible as I did!

    • I will! Thanks!

      I’d also encourage you to check out– I think you’d enjoy it! :)

      • I was almost 11 when he was ectleed in 1980…by the time I was 19, I got to vote for GB. It was one of my proudest moments…I wore that Orange “I Voted Today” sticker all day! I actually still have it in a scrap book :)Thanks for this tribute to a really good man, an American Hero-if you asked me:)-Cora :)

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