The Last Full Measure of Devotion


Names like Gettysburg, Iwo Jima, and Arlington will forever be remembered as the final resting places for thousands of American heroes.  Those who gave the “last full measure of devotion” for their country truly are heroes– even better than the ones in comic books and fairytales, because these are the real kind.  Our soldiers are the foundation of what keeps America strong.  They and their families have sacrificed more than many of us can even imagine.  They sacrifice time away from their families and normal lives.  The sacrifices of these American heroes are truly unbelievable.  Simply remembering them on Memorial Day each year doesn’t seem like very much compared to the magnitude of what they give up to help keep this country free.  Every soldier who gave their life for this country gave every ounce of strength they had to defend even our simplest freedoms.  Even though remembering seems like a minor thing, it is all that many of our veterans and their families want.  Many of them aren’t looking for anything in return, which is even more reason to thank them.  On this Memorial Day, thank a veteran.  Thank a military family who has gone through the unthinkable for us to live in this country.  If you’re a veteran and reading this– I can’t say thank you enough!  Your devotion and sacrifice for this country is matchless.  What other country can boast of a military so strong it has been feared around the globe for centuries?  Only ours– and you were part of it.  So thank you, thank you, thank you.  Everyone in this country should strive to have a patriotism as strong as yours.  You’ve set us a great example.

Ever vigilant. Our soldiers are incredible.

No words for this.

I've witnessed this ceremony more than once. A last sign of respect shown to our fallen soldiers.


Todd Heisler/Rocky Mountain News, via AP. This picture makes me want to cry. It shows just how much the families of our fallen soldiers have and still are sacrificing.

I feel like I’ve seen Memorial Day in a new light this year.  I’ve realized just how much our soldiers truly sacrifice.  Hope you have a blessed Memorial Day and, rather than fill it with only frivolous things, fill it with gratitude for our soldiers.  They’ve more than earned it.

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  1. Freedom is not free!Thank you brother Art for shriang in such graphic terms the reminders of the past and the path of freedom.May freedom live in America and those who live cherish their heritageFight for it and live it.May the peoples of the USA. never shut out the Father of freeedom from their landFor over two thousand years ago, He gave His Son Jesus Christ to die that all may liveIn freedom from sin and the grave for evermore.It is this hope beyond the grave that we have in earthen vessels that call us tofreedom from self and the bondage of sinTo live lives of peace and freedom to a world that is lost and dying in sin.May all who read these words, know the real freedom that comes from withinLives lost in the love of Jesus to set men free from sin and selfTo give love as only He could give through us to one another.May the Lord Jesus be given preeminence in the hearts and lives of all Christians today. those who call Him Lord and must show the Way. Let freedom reign in our hearts,And the cry of freedom from all around the world resoundSend the Light of freedom from shore to shoreWe need and want freedom!In the USA and everywhere aroundIn the heart and life of everyone.Even so come Lord Jesus to free men from the fetters of sinAnd then to rule us with Your peace this world can never give or afford.Amen.

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