Tim Tebow will not endorse in 2012 race…


It started at the beginning of the 2011-2012 football season.  The Denver Broncos started out as a 1-4 team that was overlooked by every sports analyst as just another bottom-tier club.  That changed, however, when Tim Tebow was put in as the Broncos starting quarterback.  You probably know the events that have gone on since then.  Just this past weekend, Tebow marched the Broncos past the Pittsburgh Steelers to reach the second round of the playoffs.  Needless to say, “Tebowmania” has overtaken most of the country!  As a huge Tebow fan, I love to see this craze sweeping over the sports world.  People just cannot understand how this Christian young man is doing so well in a largely secular world.  Like him or not, people cannot stop following his success and wondering how he does it.  Part of it is due to his football skills; he proved in the Steelers game on Sunday that he can play football.  The other part is his integrity, and dedication to his faith.  His words and his actions line up every single day, something we don’t find too often in sports players today.  “Tebowing” has become a national phenomenon, even gaining its own definition as a verb.  There are pictures of people from all walks of life, all over the world, Tebowing as a sign of respect to the NFL quarterback.  The left-leaning media cannot stand the fact that there is a Christian young man doing so well in his field.  Those haters are constantly looking for a flaw in Tebow; so far, they haven’t found one.  It wouldn’t be right to say they never will, but I don’t see it happening soon.  I also don’t see this “Tebowmania” dying down anytime soon.  The way he handles his success is something that should be mirrored by everyone.  He nevers takes praise for himself without mentioning his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and his teammates, saying he could never do any of this on his own.  In a sports world where many athletes take credit they do not deserve, Tebow’s humility is a refreshing change, regardless of whether you are a fan or not.

Aside from the fact that I think Tim Tebow is a great role model, the real reason I wrote this post was because Tebowmania has spread as far as the GOP Presidential candidates!  Tebow told the AP that some of the candidates have indeed asked for his endorsement, but he refused to name names.  He declined to endorse in this race, saying, “I think you have to have so much trust in who you support, just from product endorsements to endorsing a candidate, because if that person or company does something [bad], it reflects on you.”

Yet another thing to show what a good head he has on his shoulders!  In this race, it’s almost impossible to make an endorsement and know that that candidate won’t say or do something to make you re-think it.  It’s obvious that most of these candidates are viewing this Tebow craze as something that can earn them votes; excluding Jon Huntsman, every candidate has made some sort of reference to Tebow on the campaign trail or in interviews.  It’s improbable that his endorsement would gain anyone votes; but the right to tout Tim Tebow’s endorsement must be tempting for nearly every politician, regardless of party affiliation, religion, or favorite football team.

Tebow is obviously staying clear of politics for now, even though he currently has a higher favorability rating than any of the GOP Presidential candidates.  Can I be the first to say, Tim Tebow 2024!  :)

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