ObamaCare: It’s Not a Tax…Oh Wait, It’s a Tax


This morning the Supreme Court ruled that ObamaCare, in its entirety, is indeed constitutional.  The individual mandate was ruled constitutional by a 5-4 vote, with Chief Justice John Roberts the swing vote; however, it was ruled constitutional as a tax, not a “mandate”, which clearly goes against what President Obama tried to sell the American people.  I do feel that this was a loss not for Republicans, but for the country– now that the government can force us to purchase health insurance (by calling it otherwise), they can force us to do anything.  This was a loss for the freedom our Founders gave everything to protect.  I want to say this was a purely political decision, but I can’t– Chief Justice Roberts is a Conservative judge.  Why he crossed the aisle to vote for a law that clearly violates the powers originally given to the federal government is something I don’t understand. 

The most ironic part of this is that President Obama never intended this to be a tax.  He stated clearly that this would not be a tax; however, the Court has ruled it constitutional as such.  In 2014, if you refuse to purchase health insurance you will be forced to pay a tax to a private company– you won’t know exactly where your money is going.  Just to refresh your memory, here is President Obama himself talking about his law:

I’m not disappointed in our justice system; it doesn’t need to be changed.  I’m most disappointed in Chief Justice Roberts.  Why would he choose to uphold this law that is clearly violating our freedoms?  The government was and still is unable to answer the question:  If the government can force us to buy health insurance, what can’t they force us to do?  Being unable to respond to that crucial question should have showed the Court that the healthcare law goes too far.  If Chief Justice Roberts had voted with the other side, the entire law would have been thrown out; Justice Kennedy wrote to begin the dissent, “In our view, the entire Act before us is invalid in its entirety.”

As a sixteen year old, this worries me for the future of my country.  If this law that requires people to either purchase health insurance or pay a tax to private companies (not the federal government), what else is going to stand?  What else can be taxed?  While universal healthcare sounds good on the surface, the bottom line here is that this law simply violates too many of our freedoms.  There’s no doubt that we need healthcare reform, but not reform like this.  However, while I’m disappointed in the outcome, I’m inspired to do more.  This law must be overturned even if the Court deemed it constitutional.  I know that we can overcome this.  We can’t let such vital and personal freedoms be taken away for a political agenda.

One last thing:  As soon as the law was ruled Constitutional, some members of the DNC showed their class.  A tweet was sent out that read, “It’s Constitutional, ——-.”  That’s class for ya.

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  2. Justice Roberts may be more brilliant than many conservatives are giving him credit for. Personally, I don’t believe that he’s a traitor at all. Check this out… http://www.ijreview.com/2012/06/9398-why-chief-justice-roberts-made-the-right-long-term-decision-with-obamacare/

    • Bethany Bowra // June 29, 2012 at 11:15 pm // Reply

      I don’t think he’s a traitor either, but the Constitution doesn’t give Congress the right to tax this way (plus, since Obama was so adamant that the mandate was not a tax, I don’t think the Court should have ruled it as one. I’d love to see Obama repeal his own law because it has changed from what he intended. Impossible, I know :)). The right to collect taxes, yes, but there are limits and I think this clearly violates those limits. I’m starting to think of Justice Roberts in slightly (slightly) the same terms as Obama because of this– while most of Obama’s decisions have been detrimental, he’s encouraged the entire Tea Party movement. Justice Roberts’s decision will most likely have the same effect, and will get the Tea Party energized again. While I think it was the wrong decision, I’m definitely going to make the best of it. I honestly don’t want to question his decision– our Court doesn’t need to be politicized; everything else already is, and it’s nice to have something that isn’t! :)
      I’ll check out the link too!

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