Youth & Election Integrity: True the Vote Summit 2013


ttv_picCo-written by Bethany Bowra and Tanner Brumbarger.

We live in an age of a 50/50 election cycle. For years, Americans have been voting in elections where the winner wins by only 5-8% each time. The 2000 Presidential election was decided by less than 500 votes, which clearly shows the strong power struggle in our election process, but also shows its fragility. As a result, certain people have taken it upon themselves to make this process more “fair.” Fair, translated through their worldview, is giving illegal and dead citizens the right to cast a vote in American elections. Any attempt to deny these newly discovered voters the opportunity to manipulate our election process, they say, is labeled “raaaacist.” Never mind the fact that American elections are meant for American citizens. No sensible or moral person would illegally enter a foreign country and then expect their vote to count in electing that country’s leaders. If this is the case, then why should people from other nations expect to receive such treatment in the United States?

Quite frankly, no one should expect such treatment in any election process. Fortunately for us, organizations like True the Vote do exist and are dedicated to maintaining a fair and free election process that enables all Americans to have a voice in electing our leaders.

In a culture that revolves so heavily on elections which have such small margins, it’s very much possible that our election results can be affected via fraud. As First Lady Michelle Obama noted prior to the November election:

“If you have any doubt about the difference that you will definitely make, I just want you to remember that, in the end, this election could come down to those last few thousand votes.”

How true, Michelle! If this is the case, then why would we want to leave any doubt as to whether our elections are as fair and legitimate as possible? In a time when Democrats and even some Republicans are willing to do anything, even commit voter fraud, in order to win, we must make sure that every possible loophole existing for abuse is tightly sealed and packed away– don’t even give potential abusers the opportunity to negatively impact the way our elections are operated and decided. What the First Lady said is an absolute truth that everyone, regardless of age should not only understand, but should also possess the ability and ‘know how’ to combat.

One cannot dispute, America has the most unique system of government in the world. A constitutional republic, where citizens choose their leaders in free elections without fear of being physically harmed as a result, is a process unlike any the world has ever seen. Something so sacred and valuable must be protected and fought for as the treasure that it is; the worst course of action would be to become complacent and allow greedy bureaucrats and their allies the opportunity to overtake our free elections with ones that are cheated, rigged, and fixed. Voter intimidation is a very real thing, but not in the way that so many perceive it as. Sorry to burst the media’s thought bubble, but Republicans aren’t the perpetrators of voter intimidation– that intimidation comes from the groups who place Republican poll watchers on “hit lists” and tell people that the Republican Party wants to “put y’all back in chains.” These so-called “special interest” groups have interests that have no reason to be manifested at voting locations.

Votes should be cast based on a person’s personal opinion and research. Those votes cast based on opinion shouldn’t be canceled out because someone else happens to disagree with them– and finds it acceptable to cancel them out with the vote of an ineligible citizen.

The process of government is much more applicable than most realize to the everyday life of America’s youth. — Yes, the American teenager. The generation known for our reckless ways and apathy toward anything political is faced with a huge decision: do we want to continue to sit on the sidelines and allow others to determine our futures for us, or do we want to be a part of the solution?

This generation has a choice: do we fix our problems or simply wallow in them?

The choice should be obvious. One cannot argue that our nation doesn’t have problems– it does. We all see them, but we all have different ways to fix them. The beauty of living in America is that everyone has an equal voice and an equal opportunity to voice their minds, through votes.

Yet, some people would rather take that right away from you for their own gain. Enraged yet?

Now what if there were opportunities for you to fix this process? In fact, what if you were told you had a right to fix this process, along with the ability? Fact of the matter is, you do. You have the right to live in a society with a clean election process; you have the ability to keep your elections fair.

The grim reality is that there are thousands of cases across the country where people abuse our abilities and rights to a clean electoral process and tamper with election results simply for political gain. Essentially, they are robbing you of your votes.

This is where True the Vote comes in. Their mission statement states:

True the Vote is an initiative developed by citizens for citizens, meant to inspire and equip volunteers for involvement at every stage of our electoral process.  We promote ideas that actively protect the rights of legitimate voters, regardless of their political party affiliation.

We are working to restore integrity to the American system of electing its leaders. With True the Vote, we have, “deconstructed the entire process, focusing on educating voters, examining the registry, recruiting, training and mobilizing election workers and poll watchers, training how to collect data all along the way, then use the data to shape government action and legislative agendas to support desperately needed election code reform.”

In order to protect our rights as citizens to have meaningful votes in our elections, True the Vote uses many avenues through which to educate and empower citizens to join this fight. By training citizens to watch for potential voter fraud at their local polling station, conducting investigations into potential abuse and exposing it to the public, educating people on the importance of maintaining election integrity, and more, True the Vote is leading the continued fight for free and fair elections. They’re watching out for the future of this country; and it’s time for the next generation to step in and lend a hand to the tremendous work being done on their behalf.

As long as fraud and abuse continue to occur in our elections, the possibility exists for your right to vote to be canceled out by an illegal or dead citizen who remains on state voter rolls. These names are then used to cast multiple ballots for one candidate– essentially, almost 100% of the time, Democrats win with illegals and deceased citizens. This is an open robbery of our elections, as it automatically gives one side a larger, unfair advantage over the other. Not only is this morally wrong, it’s constitutionally wrong– it’s a suppression of voter rights. As a young American, one of the first rights you inherit when you become a “grown-up” is that you gain the right to make your voice heard in each election.

This is why we should be thankful for organizations like True The Vote. True the Vote is a non-partisan organization that seeks to eliminate the fraud in the system and ensure that your voice is not silenced by a political agenda disguised as “voterz suppressionz.” Cries of voter suppression and “racially-motivated” attempts to deny (illegal and dead) citizens the right to vote are nearly always (one example found here) sounded with no factual evidence behind them.

True the Vote is holding its annual Summit this year in Houston, Texas, April 12-13. This is the perfect opportunity for young Americans to come and hear from some of the nation’s leading voices on election integrity, voter fraud, what comes after the election, and dozens of other critical issues that pertain specifically to our generation. Campaigns for election integrity shouldn’t be left to our parents and grandparents– young people should be taking the reigns and leading this fight to ensure that our votes do matter in electing our leaders. Take this opportunity to take the first step and get involved with True the Vote. Let these leaders know that young people are not going to sit back and let our futures be decided by people who should never cast a ballot in the first place. Now is our time to take action; it starts with the most basic yet perhaps most important element of our nation’s political process. Take advantage of the opportunities given by True the Vote and connect with them to make your voice heard. The annual Summit in Houston is the perfect time to start.

Connect with True the Vote by visiting their website at or on Twitter @TruetheVote.


This was also published at The High School Conservative (read it here).

Co-written by Bethany Bowra (follow her on Twitter @BethanyBowra) and Tanner Brumbarger (follow him on Twitter @Brumbarger).

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  1. The frauds mentioned are insignificant and virtually non-existent relative to the numbers of Democratic voters your pretexts seek to suppress or inconvenience. The suppression efforts back-fired and the resultant anger served to make Democratic voters more determined in 2012. Thank you very much.

    In off-year elections, Democratic voter numbers tend to diminish, especially compared to Republicans. The renewed efforts of TTV and other right wing connivers, augur well for the left in 2014; so, please proceed.

    Jesus doesn’t care much for connivers, you know.

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